Delivering cost savings using Virtual Desktops in Local Government

Local authorities look to Thintech to deliver cost savings with virtual desktops transforming ways of working and improving customer service:

Budget constraints on IT spend in local authority means that IT departments are often under staffed and over worked and tend to be more reactive as a department and spend a large proportion of their time firefighting issues rather than strategising new ideas. Increased demand on IT departments with compliance issue, like PSN connectivity also tend to mean that projects get delayed.

Often we find that the IT department are also dealing with an aged IT infrastructure which limits what they can do as a department and they are often seen as barriers to embracing new ways of working which often results in frustrated users and an unhappy IT Team. The pressure on the IT department is huge and most want to do something about it.

This is where a Desktop Transformation project can help. Virtual desktops solutions enables remote and mobile access, real estate rationalisation, significant cost savings and greater data security with a ready-made PSN compliant solution.

Thintech are specialist virtual desktop consultants and consider ourselves to be experts having delivered over 100,000 desktops since 2006. We are always looking for ways to innovate and have developed a number of tools and techniques over the years to achieve unheard of consolidation ratios and an implementation methodology that ensures high quality to any virtual desktop project. Not only is delivery important to us but ongoing support is essential and we see our service desk as being that backbone to our solution. Our mission is simple, our very existence is ensuring the successful delivery of your project. We work for you, not the vendors and we have a 100% customer retention ratio, were we see ourselves as being an extension to your staff