Doing things right 1st time takes years to master

UKN Group is a leading Global 24*7*365 Managed Services provider and has recently worked closely with us to secure a 600 seat Virtual Desktop project with Micheldever Tyre Services Limited (Micheldever).

Being in a position of trusted advisor is a highly privileged position to be in with your client and that does mean that occasionally service providers are asked for technology that they would not normally specialise in , which can be very difficult to turn away, and Virtual Desktop (VDI) is one such solution.

The problem with VDI is that it is significantly more complex than most people understand and to confuse things more there are a large number of solutions to choose from such as Citrix, VMWare, Quest and Microsoft being the major players, each with their own spin.

Often we see service providers who do not specialise in VDI attempt to go it alone which in a large number of cases does not go to plan because the complexities of doing VDI properly are not fully understood. This ultimately will damage the relationship with the client and leave a bitter taste about VDI in general.

This is where partnering with us can help, we specialise in working with preferred partners such as UKN Group to help them deliver VDI projects right 1 time. The following section talks about a recent engagement.

UKN Group asked us to participate in a virtual desktop project for 600 users for Micheldever

This is how it went.

  • UKN Group attended an onsite meeting with Micheldever and Us and introduced Us as their preferred partner on VDI projects.
  • The well practiced methodology for delivering VDI projects was presented.
  • Us was asked to produce a proposal however chose to save Micheldever both time and money and treated it as a live project and produced a full blown Statement of Works (SOW) free of charge which was of far more value to Micheldever.
  • With further onsite meetings and vendor quotes an SOW was turned around and presented to Micheldever.
  • The solution was compelling and within a week UKN Group got a purchase order from the Micheldever for the full project for all 600 users.
  • Us set the delivery team in action and completed the project with full sign off within three weeks.
  • Micheldever now has a full BYOD Citrix XenDesktop FlexCast solution for all 600 users which was turned around in 5 weeks from initial engagement to sign off delivery.


UKN Group and us are proud of the level of professionalism the team have shown, it has literally taken us years to get to this level of perfection. Micheldever are now at the cutting edge of IT for efficient delivery to their nationwide clients.

Finally and very importantly, the whole VDI project cost less than if Micheldever replaced just 200 of their PC’s with new machines!