Truth, Lies & VDI

One of the saddest realities in the virtual desktop space is how the industry is fed up with lies about the perceived ‘true value’ that VDI has to offer. Anticipating high ROI for fairly low investment; most businesses fail to realise the ‘hidden fee’ that vendors charge without your realisation.

VDI is expensive but most people fail to realise this and the complexities surrounding virtual desktops are also not fully understood especially around profile management and performance measurement metrics which means that you will need a specialist in your organisation to ensure seamless implementation.

Services You Don’t Need
Virtual desktops in the mainstay is Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix products for quite a while now. What is a striking though is the wide range of peripheral technologies that are perceived to be needed in VDI including SANS, Profile Management Products, and Print Management Solutions all of which are not needed if you really know how you to use VDI.

But You’re Still Spending
If you follow the vendor guidelines, you will learn that the average VDI solution will cost more or less £120 in hardware and an additional £300 in licenses, per user of course. When you add in hardware depreciation and software assurance, your total cost over five years is an unbelievable £840.

There is another way
What we see is that most consumers who buy the Citrix XenDesktop are not actually deploying the VDI. Instead, they are implementing Terminal Services Desktops using XenApp for most of the user base. VDI should be not as expensive as it turns out to be and does not need any of the peripheral technologies or storage devices.

We are a specialist virtual desktop solutions provider that offers you a comprehensive infrastructure model where 95% of your user base is deployed on the XenApp whereas the remaining 5% is implemented in XenDesktop. We promote transparency in virtual IT infrastructures and refrain from the use of SAN and developed our own profile management solutions.

This allows our users to keep their running costs fairly low at only £24 in hardware costs and around £165 in licensing per user. Over the period of five years, your total expenditure on VDI solutions is only £378, significantly lower from the inflated cost of £800 that comes with a desktop replacement program.

If you want to take advantage of comprehensive and transparent virtual infrastructures, then feel free to get in touch with me. Don’t burn your money on solutions that cost more than you think.